Thursday, July 20, 2017

Writing Can Be Hard

Sometimes writing is the hardest thing to do.

I'm serious, sometimes just getting my fingers to type more than a few sentences can feel like a life time once in a while. I feel like every writer feels this way at least once in their life, if not a couple times.

I'll use tonight as an example.

For the last three or four hours now, I've been trying to write this intense confession scene, and during this time, I've only gotten a page and a half done. I know what's supposed to happen, I know what's going on, but the words just refuse to come out for some reason. I feel like a mom at the moment. In the sense that my writing is a five year old hanging onto the door frame while I'm the adult holding said child by it's legs trying to drag it out of the house.

And I want to write too.

I'm hopping that once I finish this chapter that it will be a little bit more smooth sailing from here, but this part, my god, it's like pulling teeth without being knocked out.

Usually I listen to music when I'm writing, with one earbud out so that the characters don't feel like I'm ignoring them and so they can tell me the rest of what's going on, and sometimes the music help sets the mood. But tonight, it's more like this tonight.
Whenever this has happened before, I sometimes had to step away and just not think about writing and interact with the human population that I may or may not have forgotten about, use Netflix to binge watch everything, listen to my latest music obsession (which is currently K-Pop if you're wondering.) Or if I still want to be creative, I'll try and do something artsy in my Art Book.  Which as of yesterday, is attempting to press flowers. Usually after reminding myself that there is life out there, I can write again and conquer the beast that is blocking my writing!
Other times, I've literally opened up a new word document and just rewrote the entire chapter, and that works as well. And when that doesn't seem to work, I try writing other stories or ideas that I've been thinking about.

But tonight, it's just got me like:

All I know is that this scene has got to be written, and it's just being rude.

But just like everything else, you have to keep pushing forward. This is just another roadblock that I have got to figure out how to get around. Can writing be easy? Yes, it can be. Once I was able to crank out three or four chapters in one day. Those days are amazing, especially when what you write makes sense too! It all depends on who you are and how you go about it. There's always going to be a moment when everything seems perfect when suddenly out of nowhere you get hit with a giant problem that you have no idea how to fix and vice versa. 

You just have to remember that no matter, you'll eventually find yourself standing on the other side, clapping your hands together to get some of the dirt and grime off. Especially when it's about something that you love. When you love what you do, or are doing, you can't give up on it, no matter what the reason.

Hopefully this helps someone out there, whether it's about writing, or something completely unrelated to writing. You just gotta keep going.

It's like what Dory always says.
Huh, my brain feels a little bit clearer after my little rant. Maybe that's what I needed, a rant to get things back on track. Who really knows? 🤷

I hope y'all have a wonderful night! Don't forget to hit the follow button to keep updated on when I post, and please check out my social media as well. I like to think I'm interesting person, at least just a little bit, lol.

-Lindsay Stenico

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