Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Morning After

Now I know what you're thinking. It's probably going along the lines of this: Lindsay's telling us a morning after story. What kind of girl is she?

This is also the point where, if you're like me, would pull up a seat, grab some popcorn, and be prepared for a wild story that you're not sure to believe or not, but it's entertaining, so who cares? Or you could roll your eyes and say, nah, not in the mood for one of those stories, and exit out of the tab.

Don't worry, it's not that kind of morning after story. I promise.

But on May 25, 2017, I got to experience a tradition that almost every single high school student does at least once in their high school career. I attended my senior prom.


I know right! lol. Of all the juicy moments.

And I honestly had the time of my life. I ate prime rib and the loaded potatoes, holy crap, they were fancier looking than me.

Honestly though, I can't remember a time where the chef took the time to make a loaded baked potato outshine the guests. And they put flowers on the plates too! Sorry, I'm getting caught up in the food again. Anyways, I had three Shirley Temples and danced my ass off. At one point I even ended up twerking. What can I say, the music moved me, lol. And within five minutes of getting home I was out of my dress and into my bed clothes and fell asleep with my pins, all 52 of them, still in my hair.

My mom called me a light weight. Oh well. 🤷

The next morning however was very... Earth crashing for me. Because the next day was Senior Skip day, and except for two days during the next week, I didn't have to go to school. Prom day was my last day at school. And I realized that, there were no more school dances to look forward to, no more 7:23 classes that I had to drag my feet to. Nothing.

It was all...done.

The only important day I had left to look forward to will be June 2nd, the day I get my diploma and leave High School behind for forever.

It felt so weird being home during the day, I actually got to stay in my bed until noon. Instead of following the tradition of going to the Cape with the rest of the seniors for the weekend, I stayed home, did my chores, all while a single thought kept going 'round and 'round in my mind.

High school is now over.

I haven't even gotten my diploma yet and I'm already missing high school. It's one of the biggest cliches in the book, that your high school years will be the best four years of your life and that you'll miss them when they're gone. But it's one hundred percent true.

I know for some people, they would just rather black out those four years and move on to better things. But for me, high school was the best time for me as a person. I seriously grew as a person, figuratively and literally.  While yes, I can still be a shy and quiet person who sometimes prefers spending her nights on the couch either reading/writing/watching Dateline (sometimes all at once) , I no longer let that shyness keep me from doing things anymore. Instead of painfully waiting for the other person to start the conversation, I'm greeting that person with a smile and hello. I may not know what to say all the time, but I'm trying and that's all that matters.

These last four years let me become the person I was always meant to become.

There's a quote that I can't remember who said it, but it always stuck with me.

Be the person you needed when you were younger.

I know, pretty deep. But it's true. And I'll be honest, having someone come up to you with just a smile a handshake and a simple hello, and you can see them trying to think of things to say, to keep that conversation no matter how small going, can be the best thing of all time. Because not a lot of people are trying anymore. 

Later on however, I realized that high school isn't the end. In the fall I will be attending college, where there are a shit ton more things to do, and people to meet. My life doesn't end the day I walk across that stage on June 2nd, it's only the end of a chapter in the story of my life. I, we, all have at least a dozen more chapters to go through.

My life is just starting.

And I realized this, the morning after my prom.

While the future can be scary, nerve wracking, a giant pain in the ass at times, it's still exciting. There's still something to look forward to.

Sure I might say, I'm not ready for this, or, why does this have to happen? While a part of it is true, I mean it all in good nature. Because it's life, and if you can't look forward to something even as small as simple smile from a stranger, a hello in passing, or a compliment from your friend or stranger, then how can you expect yourself to enjoy the larger things?

This was so not your average, morning after story. 😄

But I'm not your average girl either.

I'm ready to take on the world, no matter what it throws at me.

Y'all have a good night now! And have a wonderful Memorial day!


-Lindsay Stenico

Friday, May 19, 2017

Life Is Not A Book...Sadly

Hey y'all!

Wow, it's already been a week since I last posted. Sorry about that! But surprisingly, a lot has happened in these past seven days. I am officially down to 4 more days left of school before the big ole' prom, (extremely excited of course 😁), and then graduation on June 2nd.

It's just whizzing by before I've even had a chance to blink.

Of course I'm excited and all, I won't have to wake up at five thirty in the morning any more (thank god!). But it's going to be extremely weird not seeing all those familiar faces in the hallways. In the fall I'll be in college.


I'm an adult now. When did that happen? I don't recall signing up for that just yet, lol.

But then it got me thinking, and that's always interesting when it does, what have I exactly done in these last four years of high school to stand out? I'm still not sure if taking a moment to think of everything that I've done so far was a good idea or not, at the moment it seems to be a good thing so I'll go with that.

To be honest, I haven't really done much. Granted, there were things that would come up that I just couldn't change, but still, even when there were moments that I could have done something, I sat in the background letting other people have their chance. Don't get me wrong, helping others find what makes them them is a wonderful thing, but when it keeps you from finding yourself, aren't you just hindering yourself?

We read about these moments all the time where the nerd falls in love with the star jock all the time and barely anything had to happen! Or any of those stereotyped situations in fiction that are always being redone in a new way. But in real life, it's not like that at all. If you want something, you can't just stand there and wait for it to happen, you have to make it happen.

Do you wanna learn how to play the guitar? Take lessons or teach yourself via YouTube.

Do you wanna be a doctor? Take those medical courses, push yourself everyday to be the best.

Is there a guy that you want to notice you? Take that leap, make the first move. Guys don't have to be the ones who initiate everything.

Do you wanna be the first person to bring dinosaurs back to Earth? Study everything about that field and do your best with your experiments. (Although may I just point out, Jurassic Park. We all know how those movies end.)

Whatever it is that you want to do, do it. Go after your dreams and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. At the same time however, you have to live as well. You can immerse yourself into your studies all you want, but then you'll miss out on all those moments that don't come very often. The moments that you want to remember when your eighty and recalling those stupid things you used to do that still bring a smile to your face and make you chuckle.

Today at my school, a couple of the seniors made their own slip 'n slide as a senior prank in the front of the school. It's been 90 degrees these last few days and let me tell you, that water felt amazing. Of course it was during a period I had to give a speech in, and in the past I would have never cut a class just to go out to a slip 'n slide. (Don't worry, I'm still not that rebellious.)

But I presented my speech and when I was finished headed outside, kicked my shoes off, and after standing around for a few moments, a friend of mine and I took a head start and we went sliding. It was the most fun I've ever had, just standing there soaked in water with a bunch of kids I knew and kinda knew, (because who really knows everyone in their grade?), enjoying our last few days as seniors.

As a writer, it's our jobs to create these moments that our audience can relate to. Whether it's an embarrassing moment that everyone has gone through at some point, or a really emotional time that forces us to step back and take a moment to collect ourselves. Or we want to create these places that just jump out at you and make you go, Oh! I wanna go to Ireland now.  You can basically picture the town in your mind.

Some authors, if they're lucky enough, can travel to the places that they want to write about, and be able to capture the true essence of the town or country.

Well...that's a lot harder to do when you're only 18. At this age, the internet is still our best friend for research. (That's you Google!)

These last few moments as a senior, being with my friends, it's not only a memory to reflect back on, but I can use those emotions I felt at the time in my writing. The nerves I had at the thought of cutting a class, the excitement as we prepared to take a running start, the laughter that escaped as we went sliding down the tarp and the guys sprayed water on us.

And I could have just stayed inside my class listening to my classmates give speech after speech, wishing that I had the courage to go outside to join in on the fun. I used to live my life afraid of those moments, always worried that I would get in trouble or something else. My senior year however, it's given me a new look at things. The other day I told my friend this:

"The reason I have so much confidence right now is because it's senior year, and we have six days left."

There are a 180 school days, as a senior, I get out earlier than the rest of the underclassmen. So let's say I have, 150 days to complete. We get out a little over a month earlier. That's not enough time to wrap everything up in a neat little bow.

So I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that you should do what you love. If it means putting in 80 hours a week to do it, then alright. You do what you gotta do. But don't forget to step back and take a moment to hang out with your friends. Do something stupid and crazy. Just not illegal of course, lol.

Because if you don't take these moments as they come, your life is going to be one giant, what if? What is life without taking a risk every now and then? It's nothing but unanswered dreams.

And who wants that?

I sure don't. Not anymore at least.

Alright guys, I believe this is the end of tonight's blog entry. Sorry if it wasn't as exciting or happy as the last two have been. But when can I say, I'm a writer.

Have a wonderful and safe night everyone!


-Lindsay Stenico

Friday, May 12, 2017

Trip to Boston!

Evening everyone! 🙋

I hope y'all have had a good Friday. I had a very interesting day which has inspired me to write this post. I've always had a special place in my heart for the arts. It's absolutely amazing some of the things that people are able to create with some paint and a paint brush.

For weeks now, the Art Club that I belong to at my school, has been planning a field trip to the Isabella Gardner Art Museum in Boston Massachusetts, and today was finally the day we got to go!

If you have not ever been to the Isabella Gardner Museum, I suggest you put it on your bucket list. The place is GIGANTIC! 🙀

There's a reason why the tour guides call it The Palace.

The place is gorgeous. In the center of the museum is a garden filled with objects from Italy, Egypt, Greece with a water fountain tucked against a wall.

 This is a side view of the garden shortly after entering the museum. It's absolutely stunning.

I believe I was on either the second or third floor when I took this picture, and at the bottom is the water fountain. One of the coolest things that we learned about the museum is that Isabella Gardner lived here. This palace, was her house!

Can you imagine living in a palace like this? I would hate to have to clean it though. No thank you.

Another thing about the museum is that Isabella Gardner has it so that nothing in the museum can be changed or moved. Everything is left the way that Isabella herself had put herself. For me, it was like going back in time.  And so because of that, a lot of the rooms are dark because at the time, you would have been looking at these paintings in candle light.

And it got me thinking, of what it must have felt like to wake up in a palace such as this. To have the ability to travel the world collecting works of art for future students to look at. I could practically see Isabella herself, walking down the hallways in elegant gowns with such power and knowing exactly what it is that you want to do. What you want to achieve in your life before you're gone.

As a writer, these moments are so precious because it's a glimpse into another life that you can have the chance to write about. Anything can inspire you to write a story, whether it's a simple picture that you just happen to come across, or going out to the city, inspiration can hit at any moment.

It's moments like these that I love writing. Those glimpses of seeing something that only you can see, that you have the power to transform into something magical. It's truly...amazing.

Well, that's my little story for the night. I hope y'all have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Night everyone!


-Lindsay Stenico

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

First Time Blogger!

Hello internet world!

Can I be honest?

This is my first time ever blogging.

Yes, I am not afraid to say those words out loud, or in this case, typed out. Writing for me is second nature, but blogging, this is new territory for me. I've never really sat down and typed out what I was thinking and posted it for the world to see. I'm used to creating stories and letting the characters do all the talking, I'm simply just their scribe in a sense.

I feel like I should let you know who the person behind this blog post is.

My name is Lindsay, I listen to a ton of music, I hate the color pink, and I love to write.

Okay, that wasn't so bad. 😊

I've been writing for most of my life, whether it was a silly story about my cat, (I think we can all agree that at some point in our lives we've done this.) Or it was a poem that I worked on for weeks trying to find the right words for, writing and rewriting until it came out just the way I wanted it.

For me, writing has been the one thing that I always end up coming back to in the end. I've tried playing the piano, (meh.) I've tried acoustic guitar, (fun, but not so good.) At one point I thought hey, how about the drums? (Bad idea, trust me.) I like art, I love using water colors and doodling with pens, but my main passion has always been writing.

The way the words flow from my fingers to either my pen or keyboard is a thrill that I love. I was able to create a whole word that I only knew about. Except, I want to share it with everyone. Sometimes I want to shout out, "Look at what I can do!" But for the longest time, I kept my writing to myself. Nobody was allowed to take a peak at my writing for years, unless I let them and stood nearby to quickly take it back when they were finished.

There was a conversation my mom and I would always have and I still remember it to this day. It went something like this:

Mom: So, what are you doing?

Me: Writing.

Mom: Writing what?

Me: Nothing.

I wrote a lot of nothing, for what seemed like forever.

It wasn't until my freshmen year of high school that I buckled down and began writing seriously. And three years later, 12 school days away from completing my senior year, and I'm starting my very first blog, while also working on a story that is far from, nothing.

I don't know where this road is going to lead me, but I am excited nonetheless.

I hope you join me on my adventure, I think we're going to have lots of fun.

This is the life of a writer after all.


-Lindsay Stenico

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