Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My Comfy Writing Groove is Missing?

Writing is by far, as amazing as it can be, so weird.

It never works out like how you want it to, it takes on it's own life and demands to be written as it decides.

I say this because that's how I've been feeling lately.

Since I've started college, I haven't had a moment to sit down and just let it all flow out. When I'm not in school then I'm at home doing homework for god knows how long. Lately I've been writing papers for math until midnight.
I'm a writer, not a mathematician thank you very much.

But I'm used to that. I can work on homework for several hours, I did that in high school. And this happened back in high school as well, for a period of time my writing would have to come to a halt as I took care of things out in the real world. 

It's trying to get back into the swing of writing that's weird. 

Before, if I stopped in the middle of a chapter and didn't come back to it for a couple weeks, I still knew what direction I was going in. It might have taken a couple minutes, but I would be able to get back into my seriously comfy groove that I've created for the last several years now. 

However...my comfy groove seems to be missing.
You might be wondering, Lindsay, haven't you tried dragging them out of the cave?

Yes...yes I have. 

This is how writing can be weird. 

There are plenty of quotes saying that you should write every single day. Even if you don't want/feel like writing, you must write. It could be the crappiest thing you'll ever write, but hey, at least you did your daily writing.

And I don't necessarily agree with that.
Sorry, I'm officially letting the cat out of the bag!

There are moments when you should push yourself. These moments usually entail a deadline hovering over you, or you have a bit of writers block that just needs a little nudging. 

But writing every single day?

How do you get anything done is my question.
This wonderful and sometimes sucky, (but mostly wonderful) thing called Life, also known as work or even school, take up a lot of time. Then there's thing that you have to do preferably 3 times a day, that's called eating. Sometimes we even have chores we must get done and then homework and by the time you've sat down it's time to call it a night. 

You shouldn't force the story out either. There's a difference between forcing yourself to sit down because you've been procrastinating (let's be honest, we've all done this before,) and you just need to get the ball rolling. 

And then there's forcing it out to the point that the story itself gets rushed and it just sounds and feels wrong. At that point, you end up becoming  Nicholas Cage.

Writing can be described as two every day objects. The first, a giant truck barreling down the street coming at you head on. The second being that fragile vase that's been handed down in your family generation after generation and you, you are the one person who single handily breaks it within five minutes of it entering your house.

But I think I have an idea as to why my comfy writing groove is missing.

Your own writing needs a break just as much as we (the writers) need one. 

I know, that sounds really weird. 

But trust me on this. 


You know how sometimes you just crank out so much of a story that you feel fried out? In the morning you wake up with a major head ache? Feels like your fingers got whacked with a baseball bat? 

The same thing can happen to your writing.

It sounds crazy, but why not?

It gives so much of itself out to you (the writer) that it needs to take some time out for itself. While you're recovering from what I like to call a Writing Hangover, your story is doing the same thing. It's taking the time to...breathe so to speak. To decide what direction it wants to go in, whether or not it's the same story line you had originally started out with or if it's completely changed.

This, this is why writing is weird.

You can push yourself to write, but you can't force yourself to write.
You write everyday, or you write one weekend out of the month.
Your want to write but Writer's Block is hitting you hard, or your not writing but your characters are screaming, come back here! We have juicy stuff for you!

And I love it.

Writing is completely, one hundred percent, unpredictable. It's something that you just have to go with the flow at times. 

Right now my story is simply taking a breather. I never thought that was possible until recently, but it makes sense. And I'm okay with that because just when I think I've adjusted to college, we get a bunch of stuff thrown at us. (Mid-term(s), papers, making next semesters schedules.) So at the moment, we both need a breather. I know where I'm going with the chapter I last worked on so it's alright. 

Well everyone, I'm going to end this post. I'm currently surrounded by a bunch of papers that are scattered about.

Have a wonderful night, or morning. It is 12:16 am after all.


- Lindsay Stenico

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